Mr. Kephart's 5th Grade at Carrcroft

We need a lot of ID help on this one.... 

Front Row (L to R):  Carol Stroup,  unknown, Susan Gailey, Linda Grantland, Nadine Lewis, Christine Rueggberger

Second Row (L to R): Bruce Owings(?), Emily Foster, Terry Ritter, Joan Wilson, Kenny Donovan(?), Debbie Gingell(?), Bruce White, Lynn Keller, Harold Clouser(?)

Third Row (L to R): Janice Church, Jon Lyons, Alden Taylor, Jack Loew, Jim Emerson, Neil Hoffman, Colin Jones, Bob Cole, Bob Zorger(?), unknown, unknown, Don Emmons(?), Chip Ward, Susan Weissinger

Forth Row (L to R): Mr. Kephart, Ken Welch, Spotswood Foster, Nancy Churney, Bob Murphy, Seth Fox, Linda Buckalew(?), unknown, Dick Jurney

Picture courtesy of Linda Grantland Payne, ID help from Jill Astley and Christine Rueggberger