Here is a note Ken sent us last year.

6/3/09 - From Ken:
Just wanted to let you know I received your letter and wanted you to have my e-mail address.  I hope I am still around by then but it's unlikely since I have been battleing bladder, kidney and lymph node cancer for the last year.  Life has been good to me.  I've been lucky to have 2 wonderful wives, three great children and I traveled all through Europe, Canada and Alaska.  I've enjoyed many jobs, always moving on the the next adventure, but making my money in the stock market.  I have not been back East for years even though I hate California.  My wife has severe Asthma and cannot stand the humidity.  I still have a house on the Elk river in MD just 30 minutes from Wilmington. Since moving West I have not kept in contact with anyone from the class but I wish you all the best of life and hope everyone has the greatest gifts, family and health.

Ken passed away on February 9, 2010.