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Al Mayne

Wilmington - Al "Be-Bop" Mayne, passed away at Christiana Care Hospital on March 10, 2022 after a 9 day health incident that would have killed most men instantly. Devoted husband of over 49 ¾ years, incredible father, and professional grandfather, "Big-Al" was worshipped by his family for all of the love he gave, the entertainment he provided, and the life lessons he conferred, that will shape those close to him for generations to come.

A proud Delawarean, a Mount Pleasant and University of Delaware Alumnus, a long time Wilmington Rotarian, a Wilmington Country Clubman, a former Brandywine Little League President, a longtime member and supporter of the YMCA, a Philadelphia and youth sports superfan, an avid fisherman, and a self-made 30+ year small business owner, Al certainly left "A Lasting Impression" on North Wilmington, and on all those fortunate enough to have known him.

Coming in a close second to his family, Al Mayne cared about his friends, his children's friends and his friends' children. He had an unrivaled enthusiasm for life and for human relationships and was a magnetic force who attracted people, and genuinely loved and cared about them. Like all of us, Al Mayne was imperfect, and dealt with personal challenges to include a lifetime battle with Alcoholism. He tackled this in his familiar way, embracing an opportunity to join and grow an amazing community of friends and peers who shared in a similar struggle. This community is in large part an anonymous one, but his family knew they gave him great comfort, strength, joy, lifelong friendships and an identity he embraced. He quietly provided and received help from many people on their shared journey both locally and at Father Martin's Ashley where Al was an involved and passionate alumnus. This was an inspiration to his family who has always been, and continues to be, so proud of him.

Over the last several years, "Big Punisher" had numerous, serious health issues, that against all odds he routinely and regularly beat. Further inspiring his family and friends, Al was at every youth sporting event, family function and golf outing until the very end. Up until his recent health incident, Al's brain had never lost a step, and he continued to dazzle his beloved grandchildren with his encyclopedic knowledge of everything – because he had, in fact, read the entire encyclopedia from cover to cover. Exclaiming on multiple occasions he was a "tough man to kill," his warrior ethos played itself out in his final moments, further expanding his family legend and legacy. In the end, he gave his spouse, his children and their spouses, and his grandchildren a great final gift of the acknowledgement he would be ok. Even though he didn't want to go, he made it clear he was not afraid to die. Understanding he was as close as any man has ever been to being indestructible, Al's family has agreed to donate his body to the United States Government for further research and study.

Al is survived by his wife Gretchen and their two children, Scott (Leah) and Betsy (Tommy) and five grandchildren: Park and Gordon Mayne and Colin, Phoebe, and Heidi Burke. He is also survived by his brother, Jeffrey (Dinah) his sister-in-law, Kathryn Mendenhall, many nieces and nephews, and his two closest friends – Danny Coleman and Roger "Captain" Campbell.

Al was preceded in death by his parents – Alfred and Alma, his niece, Candace Mayne, and his other best friend, Donald T. "Big Dog" Boyle.

Special thanks from the family go to Al's longtime client Christiana Care Hospital – specifically the NEURO ICU nursing staff. The care and comfort you provided Al and his family during his time there was extraordinary. In addition, the family would like to thank the other healthcare professionals who helped keep him alive over the last several years, specifically Art Colbourn and Erik Underhill. He appreciated you all, and as he would say, and we would agree, you are great Americans.

Memorial Services will be at Christ Church Christiana Hundred (505 Buck Road, Wilmington, DE 19807) at 11:00am on May 14, 2022 followed by a Celebration of his Life/75th Birthday Party.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Limen House (600 W 10th Street Wilmington, DE 19801), a charity near to Al's heart.