On a less cheerful note, many of you have commented with surprise and sadness when you found that some of your fellow classmates had died.  We didn't want to forget them, so below is our list of our known deceased classmates.  Their pictures are also in the Photo Gallery.   Also, some of you have asked for details surrounding the death of some of these classmates, unfortunately I am not always given much detail or even dates, but if you know such information and wish to share it with me I will try to include it below their pictures in the Gallery. 

I have added copies of obituaries that we had, if the name below has a blue highlighted link you can click on it for the full obituary, if you have copies of Obits that we do not have please send them to us.

 Updated November 7, 2023

84 Classmates (19%)

                                     Nancy Crane Lynch                                     
Donald W. Garver
Darlene Lear
Bruce N. Rogers
David Shaw