Hello Classmates.... 

I am working on updating the web site (it has only been 2 years, I don't move to fast anymore).   I will send out a mailing to everyone once I'm done.


Create your Login now!  You need to be registered to view Photos and class info, see Login Basics below.

This only takes about 30 seconds, no login required.  We have added a new Menu Item, Reunion Inquiry (on the top right of the page) for the purpose of determining some preliminary attendance numbers for our 50th reunion.  It will be a great help if you complete the inquiry questions.  Thank you.

Hints for new Users

In order to view the full menu of items available on the web site (Photos, Memorabilia, etc.) you must be a Registered User and be Logged in.  Parts of the site are still being modified.  If you have difficulty logging in or view a problem while navigating the site please let me know using the Update Form.

August 16, 2014  (Login Basics)

Ok Folks, you are looking at the new and improved MPHS Class of '65 Website (we are still working on some design elements).  I don't like change anymore than the next guy, but the changes are to make the site more secure and to give you access to more information in the future.  If this is your first time on the new website, you may see that some screens (tabs) are missing... notice there is a Login tab on the top right.  In order to gain full access to the website you must first create a Login, click on the Login tab at the top right, then click on "Don't have an account?" on the bottom of the screen. Fill in all the required fields.

Please Use your full name (first maiden last) in the NAME field.

Note that passwords must be at least 8 characters, containing a minimum of one uppercase letter, one number and one symbol (#,!,$ etc), Example:  Bomboy#8.  The Captcha security field can be refreshed to get a new security code if you can't read the one presented, just click the "refresh" symbol in the Captcha box. Click "Register" when complete.  The User Registration will be approved and you will receive a confirmation email, it is not always immediate, you may have to check back for the confirmation later.

Once you have been confirmed, you will have full access to all photos and other Class of '65 info. There are on-going changes taking place to prevent hacking (yes, there have been a number of attempts to hack our site), and to give you more information, like email access, a possible chat facility, etc.  The News tab is now actually a blog that you will be able to follow if you wish, and to comment when you would like.  More changes to come, stay tuned.  



NEWS page - This is now a BLOG, you can subscribe to the blog to get instant emails on new activity

The MEMORABILIA Page is now up and running (click on the tab), I posted some stuff I found and I am looking for more articles, awards, etc. that were from our HIgh School days, I have to give credit to Gary Gunther for the idea, take a look, I think you will like it.

ANNOUNCEMENTS page - new updates all the time 

IN MEMORIAM page - I have added full Obituaries where available, just click on the highlighted name 

FACEBOOK USERS:  We now have our own Facebook Group:   "Mt Pleasant HS (DE) Alumni Class of '65"   Join today and keep up with the activities of all of your friends.  Just search that group name on Facebook and join.

MISSING pageFeel Like Playing Detective....Check Out Our Missing Alumni.  We would love to locate all of our lost friends.

If you have pictures, you will now need to e-mail them to me directly.  We had to stop allowing direct updates for security reasons, please send them to me via e-mail ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and I will add them to the site. Try to have the pictures in a JPEG format, GIF format, or a BMP format.  I prefer them to be less than 2 MB in size, but I can convert almost any size or format.